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We want to Travel to one of your tournaments, but we want to select our own Hotel, can we do this?
The short answer is unfortunately no. Soccer Resort goes to great lengths to book an ideal soccer vacation for you â?? we do our best to get great fields, great hotels, at some tournaments, we also transport you to the games on a complimentary shuttle bus, we may also provide complimentary jerseys, and great parties. Sometimes, we can even offer complimentary beer from our sponsors!

And weâ??re very honest at including all taxes in the price (so no surprises at the end of your trip!). We also offer tournament prizes for future tournaments for winners, runners-up and consolation winners - a nice wee treat to go with your trophies!

In return for this very high quality tournament and high level of service, all we ask is that you stay at the great hotels we organize. This way, weâ??re not stuck with excess rooms at the end of the weekend, and we can get better deals at great hotels, by being able to give hotels the rooms we promise. 

So, with this in mind, if you are traveling with the Soccer Resort, you are required to stay at the hotels we provided. We realize this is not for everyone, but when you break it all down, itâ??s a pretty good deal.

We Won Some Travel Credits for last year's tournament - can we use them to pay a tournament only fee?
Alas, credits are just useable for travel tournaments and can only be applied to hotel and tournament packages. They cannot be applied to local tournament fees (as this is already pretty low cost!)

How many players are on each team?
For 6v6, this is 5 players plus a goalie, for 8v8 this is 7 players plus a goalie, and for European 5v5 tournaments in Dublin and London, we do 4 plus a goalie. For the 6v6, you can have a maximum roster of 12, for 8v8, itâ??s 14, and for 5v5, itâ??s 11 players max.

For the Coed Tournaments, how many men, how many women?
Itâ??s usually 50% male to female ratio. So for 6v6, itâ??s 3 guys and 3 gals, and for 8v8 itâ??s 4 guys and 4 gals. This includes the goalie. You can have more women, but not more men.

How do I use my credits from the last tournament?
Credits can be applied to most Soccer Resort tournaments, and are discounts on hotel and tournament packages. They are a discount on future travel, and are there to encourage you to travel. They are not applicable towards the tournament registration fee for tournaments in your city. They are only valid for 6 months. Click on the prizes link above for more information

What is the Soccer Resort?
The Soccer Resort is a company that organizes adult soccer tournaments in warm and interesting locations all year round. Soccer, Futbol, and football fans can play some ball - and relax for the rest of the weekend in the sun. They can travel with their friends for a team weekend â?? all centered around soccer.

Is it Just Soccer?
No, we  want soccer fans to be able to enjoy a weekend of soccer tournaments - but after the adult soccer tournament has been won, we typically also offer the opportunity to play golf, tennis, relax by the beach, hit the casino, and do whatever it is you do to relax (you know, head to church etc)

Is it just for Soccer players?
No! We deliberately offer other activities and events, so that your significant others and friends can come with you on your soccer tournament vacation - and do their own thing if they choose, while you are playing in the day-long tournament.

Why Soccer?
We feel that many other sports have getaway packages - but we rarely see soccer-tournament playing holidays 
What other Teams will be participating?

Teams from across the world participate in our tournaments - from local adult soccer teams to some older youth sides. You should also expect some international teams to compete too. 

What level are the competing teams at?
The standard of soccer is amateur, and fun - but competitive. The preliminary rounds will separate out any difference in standards and divide the competition into different groups who will compete for two different trophies based on their standards. Usually, we have competitive, intermediate, and recreational divisions.

How do I book?
Easy -  register online - pick out the tournament you want and you can book it online!

Do you take individual or group bookings?
We take both. We started out taking teams, and we still do - but we also faciliate individual requests!

What happens then?
You will receive your itinerary in the mail before the adult soccer tournament, and this will include your hotel details, and your airfare if you booked through or sister travel agent.

How will I get around when I am on vacation?
You will need to take a taxi from the airport to your Hotel. A bus may be provided to bring you to and from the adult soccer tournament (Miami and Vegas only). Most of the selected hotels also offer shuttle services to places such as golf courses, the beach, and shopping centers - and some to the airport.

Do you have to be part of a team to go to the Soccer Resort?
No, definitely not. Some spaces are reserved for "house" teams - and spaces frequently open up on existing teams. If you want to go individually, simply sign-up online, and we will put you on our roster. Then, when the closing date has passed, we will call you with details of our involvement.

How is the tournament organized?
Formats can change - as can the amount of soccer played, but it usually is a 4 to 5-game minimum tournament with a preliminary round to divide the clubs into two different tiers or standards as some teams will be of differing abilities.
After the preliminary rounds of the adult soccer tournament, there follows two separate cup group phases. Two cups will be awarded -one to the winner of each group.

When the Soccer is finished, What Happens?
As always, choice is king with The Soccer Resort. The location is chosen to allow you the opportunity to do whatever you choose. Some pointers are given elsewhere on this site - You are free to enjoy the rest of the weekend with your significant others, friends and family.


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