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Soccer Resort is North America and Europe's largest network of adult soccer tournaments since 2002. We have divisions for all standards, including Over 30, Over 40 and Masters (Men's, Women's and Coed), with teams joining us from the U.S., Canada, Asia, Latin-America and Europe.

"We have entered 7 Soccer Resort tournaments over the last year and half - Iceland twice, London twice, Las Vegas, Miami, Montreal - and have had brilliant weekends at all of them. The tournaments are superb and SR does a great job of combining good, competitive football with a nice holiday. They make everyone, veterans or first-timers, feel welcome and part of of the SR tournaments." - Michel Cowdery, Atlanta Georgia
Viva Las Vegas Montreal Wine Fest New York
Yes, it’s true - a soccer weekend in Vegas! Join one of Soccer Resort's soccer tournaments in March, May, August, or December every year. Great hotels on the main strip, great fields, and some great nightlife; nobody does Vegas better! MORE> Take a road-trip to the Las Vegas of the north – join the Soccer Resort in Montreal on Memorial Weekend for a soccer tournament at a state of the art field turf facility, and fantastic nightlife. MORE> Join us in June of every year for the Soccer Resort Sonoma California wine fest. Whine at the tournament, wine afterwards as well! Enjoy the soccer tournament, and then kick back for some wine tasting, and revelry! MORE> Join us for NYC's biggest biggest soccer tournament, with free beer from our beer partners! MORE>
Sonoma Boston
Sonoma Wine Festival – check out the highlights from our Sonoma soccer tournament in February Boston Cup – Just in – all the highlights from our soccer tournament in Boston this March

The soccer doesn't have to stop. Soccer Resort has a great lineup of fall and winter tournaments in beautiful warm and sunny places to keep you from getting the blues. We kicked it all off with our Vegas Columbus Day Cup and Soktoberfest NYC.

Join us in DC or Boston on November 19 for the Turkey Cup! We start December with a double-header. Head to California for the LA Winter Classic or the great state of Texas for the Dallas Winter Classico, both on December 3. We end our 2016 season, like we always do, in San Francisco for the Bay Area Classic on December 10!

Want to get away this winter? We've added 2 new tournament locations and are bringing back an old favorite.
Take a look at some of the special deals we're offering this winter!

Check out our tournaments coming up in 2017:
Miami South Beach Classic: January 20/21
Austin Classico: January 28
Sonoma Wine Festival: February 11
Houston Winter Classic: February 11
Bahamas Cup: February 18/19
New Orleans Cup: February 24/25
Las Vegas St. Paddy's Classic: March 3/4

The 2016 season is coming to a close! Still time to make a last second run for the top of the table. Take a look here and see your competition so far.

Forgotten how your team did in the last Soccer Resort tournament you played? Check out the results page with all the results from previous soccer tournaments.

Join the Soccer Resort as it returns to Las Vegas for another soccer tournament with teams attending from all over the world. Teams are advised to sign up early. MORE>

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