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Covid 19 Protocols


1. Please wear Facemask at Fields when not playing, and you are around people. Facemasks not needed for playing nor for hanging out by yourself away from others. Man City and PSG Fans don't need facemasks as they are not many in North America and they tend to be naturally socially separate.


      3. Questions should be: "Do you have a sore throat, headache, chills, body aches, diarrhea, loss of taste or smell?" Observe for rash or fever. If the answer is yes to any of those questions it is essential that the player NOT attend the tournament and be evaluated by a medical professional before returning to play. The parent should communicate their child�¢??s health to the coach, and if there is any dropouts, this will be communicated to the tournament director

        4. Morning of the tournament please ask players if anyone's temp temperature is above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a simple, great tool in keeping team-mates and others safe. Also please note Man United fans may be especially feverish these days, given the team�¢??s standings.

          5. This may seem like overkill, but it helps us keep others safe and makes it possible we can all have future tournaments together, if we can pull this off safely, so you can see Everton get relegated this year, and Barca choke again.

            6. Any player coming from a household where a family member exhibits the above symptoms should not attend the tournament, as the risk of spreading the virus is high. Players who have a COVID positive member of the family in the same household should not come to the tournament until after the family member has recovered and is no longer contagious and that the player or family member concerned is not contagious either. Please think of others.

              7. As this is a small field, Referees can officiate from the line, so referees will be assigned much of the coach's part of the sideline, to officiate from the line. Coaches will be assigned the final third of each sideline only. This will be marked out. Parents will take up the usual side, but we ask that if you cannot maintain 6 feet of distance from others, please wear facemasks at the field during the game only.

                8. Individuals should avoid being in a group larger than 10 individuals. Within these groups, individuals should, to the extent possible, minimize in-person contact with others not in the individuals household. Minimizing in-person contact includes maintaining 6 feet of separation from individuals.


                During the tournament

                9. Teams may only play at their designated time and field. Each player should have their own bottle of hand sanitizer in their sports bag. They should apply it at the beginning of each activity. Group bottles of hand sanitizer encourage the touching of the same surface (the pump handle). Individual hand sanitizers should not be shared between players.

                  10. Please keep spacing between players on the sidelines at 6 feet apart. Please keep socializing in the parking lot spaced, and safe.

                    11. Teams should remain at a distance from the field before the game starts and should leave the field area as soon as the practice/game/activity ends. Any pre-post practice/game discussions should be done in a socially distance manner consistent with the 6-foot social distancing guidelines.

                    12. Coaches are encouraged to wear masks. Spectators are asked to wear masks when cheering at the field for the duration of the game and are around people.

                    13 Players, & Coaches should bring their own hand sanitizer and apply before every practice/game/activity, at every break and at the end of every practice/game/activity.

                      14. At no time should coaches &/or players, officials high five, shake hands or make any type of bodily contact with one another. 

                        15. Water bottles should be kept inside the players sport bag separated by at least 6 feet on the sidelines. The tops of the water bottles should be clearly labeled with the child's name to avoid accidental drinking from the wrong bottle and sanitizer should be used before touching water bottle. (hands may gather viral droplets during practice and transfer to their water bottle, which is touched to their mouths, so using the hand sanitizer before touching their water bottle minimizes the transfer of germs to their mouths).

                        16. It is everyones responsibility to make sure these overall Guidelines are followed.

                          Please Note: Individuals aged 65 or older are at a higher risk of COVID-19. Parents should protect any vulnerable persons who are members of the same household or come into frequent, close contact with individuals who participate in youth sports. To all parents and guardians there are enhanced risks of participants being in direct contact with anyone age 65 or older for 14 days after participating in a sport event

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