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Every month Soccer Resort will feature a team, and individuals whose dedication to a soccer lifestyle marks them above and beyond other teams.

Normally Soccer Resort is privy to all kinds of details on team affairs (if you know what I mean!), but we keep our silence. But for the first time, we have an expose on all the rumors….!!!


Soccer Resort’s first Team of the Month is McEwan! These 17 crazy lads hail from Gainesville, Florida, Atlanta, Georgia, and from as far away as London, England.  They first joined us in Iceland in 2006.   They are truly an Atlantic partnership of a unique kind – friends and mates from England and the USA meeting up at Soccer Resort tournaments every year. And to make the chemistry even more perfect, they added a token Irishman

Team captain, Michel Cowdery, found out about Soccer Resort through a friend he played indoor soccer against. That player had played in Soccer Resort Miami 2005! Out of great small conversations come great things!

Michel then contacted players that he knew from his college days and reunited a team going back 13 years. Along the way, he picked up old friends from England and McEwan was born.  The rest is pretty much history!

These 17 lads have since then played in six Soccer Resort tournaments from London (2), to Iceland (2), and one of their favorites-Las Vegas – as well as most recently Montreal 2008!  They claim to be a recreational team, but they’re really better than that (intermediate standard minimum) getting together 3-4 times a year for tournaments.  But, that doesn’t stop them.  According to Cowdery, they have team chemistry on and off the pitch!


Team captain, Michel Cowdery provided some insight on some of the characters that make up McEwan.  Goalkeeper Trevor Stewart is the strength of the team.  He is big, quick, excellent shot stopper, and has only ever played in goal childhood – he’s also known to be a dab hand with the charm.  James Brown from London, is McEwan’s leading scorer, an old-fashioned center forward, with a great shot who can also hold the ball up well, that likes to get his face in every Soccer Resort photo. James would like to live in Ottawa some day apparently. Something to do with a Coed team (just rumors)?

Matt Garner is McEwan’s leader on the field.  He is probably the team’s most gifted player, great in the tackle and moving the ball forward, as well as scoring the occasional “own goal”.  David Warren, another one of the Englishmen is the “engine on the field”, who keeps everything together (or is it all his parts?).  He’s an excellent player who can pass and shoot with both feet and drives the team from midfield.

Coach Cowdery stresses that they play as a team and that no one player can stand out and be given the title of best player when it comes to this group.  Off the pitch he said that Gary Purcell is the “token Irish lunatic” and is their craziest player (and obviously the nicest lad on the team, being Irish and all.).

McEwan’s favorite tournament is in Iceland, but they also have a soft spot for Las Vegas.   Something perhaps to do with when they traveled to Las Vegas last year?  As a team they were disappointed with their first day performance.  So earlier that day they had met two women’s teams from Ottawa who they got along really well with.  All three teams decided to take advantage of all Las Vegas nightlife has to off and went club and casino hopping until the wee hours of the morning in a Hummer stretch limo. Honestly, there wasn’t a Jacuzzi in the limo (honest).

They returned to their hotel at 8 am only to have to be out on the field, ready to play at 9.  Surprisingly after their huge night out in Vegas, no one was arrested and they won both games the next day!    Their ideal new place to play a tournament and take a little vacation away from work would be in Argentina, with Italy and Spain as close seconds.

Here are some McEwan highlights from some of the tournaments they played with Soccer Resort:

Iceland 2006- This was the first time the old McEwan team played together with the English lads.  They all got along well on and off the pitch.  Also, legendary Liverpool goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar played goalkeeper for them and they all had a pint or two together after the tournament in Reykjavik Iceland. In one instance, the famous Bruce G refused to enter a nightclub unless the McEwan lads were also allowed in (the bouncer reluctantly agreed).  McEwan lads all agree it was quite funny walking around town with a celebrity footballer – and watching the recognition light up everyone’s face as they went.


Las Vegas 2007- McEwan played tremendously after an epic Las Vegas night out.  They needed to get three goals to get into the game for third place.  They came from behind and did it.  They played the team they had lost to the day before and captured third place with a 2-0 win. Soccer Resort would like to add that we disapprove of this kind of excess – save your all nighter for when the Vegas tournament is over!!

Iceland 2007- McEwan played with soccer great, Clayton Blackmore, formerly of Manchester United and an ex-Welsh international– and against Mark Walters, formerly of Liverpool.  Michel was especially happy about this experience – and we hope Michel can return to Iceland when the restraining order against him is lifted!
Miami 2008 – The McEwan lads has a great showing – again finishing third, barely missing the playoffs on their home turf. But the most disappointing part was that Coach Cowdery didn’t get to meet FIFA World Player of the year George Weah who made the tournament and was actually playing in the event.
Montreal 2008-The American and the English lads were reunited again and played some “good stuff” on the pitch.  They finished in their usual third spot and had their most consistent performance on and off the field.

A certain female by the name of JC is rumored to be trying to bait the boys into a  Coed division. We’ve also heard tales of a James Brown romance with a Nordic Woman, by the name of Anna? Disco Stew is also rumored to be appearing in Hello Magazine with Julie Foudy next month.

Chris Male is thought to be sponsored by Old Spice for this upcoming season (Michel tells him it’s a hit with the ladies). Tales of wild times in Toronto (after their tournament in Montreal) have yet to be confirmed.


McEwan are great lads – always looking to be competitive on the field, but always able to have respectable fun off it. The fact that they’re so unique, a club that comes together from two or three countries per tournament makes them stand out as a team to be remembered for all time in the halls of Soccer Resort history.

Boston 2008, and perhaps Iceland 2008 for their last chance to play with the English Premiership stars of the 1990’s.
Michel Cowdery (Atlanta, GA)
James Brown (London, England)
Matthew Wittorf (Atlanta, GA)
Chris Male (London, England)
Stuart Morsley (London, England)
Ian Pope (London, England)
David Warren (London, England)
Chris Caviedes (Charleston, SC)
Neil Allen (London, England)
Trevor Stewart (Jacksonville, FL)
Matthew Garner (Jacksonville, FL)
Gary Purcell (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
Juan Rodriguez (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
Guy Warrillow (London, England)
Keith Wittorf (Tampa Bay, FL)
Steve Zeiser (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
Felipe Penna (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) (last but not least!)